Night off work


Me: I think I’ll take the night off.
My conscience: But you’ve got so much work to do.
Me: I’m tired, and not in the mood to work.
My conscience: You’re not going to get far with that attitude are you?
Me: I’ll feel better in the morning, and I’ll work twice as hard tomorrow.
My conscience: Hmmm, sure. And you have the cheek to wonder why your novel isn’t finished yet?
Me: Hey, I deserve a night off. I have a kid, kids aren’t easy, you know.
My conscience: You have one kid, she’s five and let’s face it, she’s far from a handful. (Pause) You know, you’d get so much more done if you deleted your facebook account.
Me: I only check it to see how my blog is doing.
My conscience: Hmmm-hmmm. Yeah, sure. Not to randomly scroll through photos.
Me: Oh here, forget it now, I’m definitely taking the night off. I need this.
My conscience: Ah, go on. You might as well. And if you want, we can even call this conversation work, if it makes you feel better.
Me: (eyes misting) Thank you.
And that’s Tuesday’s work done and dusted.

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