Only Ever Yours: an Irish dystopia recalls the lives of institutionalized Irish women and the differing struggles of today.

Extremely well written post by florabeige


untitledFor the most part, I am not very good at reading dystopian texts. They twist me up, wrench me in and spit me back out again, like a popped cork, merrily flung into the ether, guts left behind on the corkscrew, temporarily wiping any and all memory of freedom and happiness from my brain, so convinced am I that what is happening to them, is happening to me. Were it not for the necessary food-foraging breaks to alleviate the sense of impending doom, I would have been read Only Ever Yours in one sitting.

It all feels desperately real. A world where women are not born but designed. Trained to be servants, sex slaves, wives for men, the highest ranking women, the companions, are terminated when they hit forty, deemed no longer attractive nor able to bear sons and therefore useless. The commodification of women is a global issue and Louise O’Neill’s debut…

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